Electrical Service and Panel Upgrades
In York & Cumberland Counties

Electrical Panel And Service Upgrades Can Keep Your Family Safe

An electrical service upgrade is a time-consuming and complex job. Trying to handle a project like this yourself can lead to accidents and injuries. Trust Rick Emery & Sons Electric with your service upgrade. We are well-versed in bringing homes up to code to keep you and your family safe by reducing the risk of an electrical fire. According to the National Fire Prevention Agency’s website (https://nfpa.org), an estimated 47,700 home structure fires reported to U.S. fire departments involved some type of electrical failure or malfunction as a factor contributing factor to ignition in 2011 alone. These fires resulted in 418 civilian deaths, 1,570 civilian injuries, and $1.4 billion in direct property damage.

What's Involved In Upgrading Your Electrical System

Getting your electrical panel and/or electrical system upgraded is a big undertaking. A typical electric service upgrade will consist of the total replacement of electrical service around the house, including the meter base, grounding and bonding system, electric panel, cables and more. If able, we will update the electrical meter and the panel in their original spots. This would be if the layout of the home itself hasn’t changed much over the years.

There are cases where the home’s structure has changed over the years and we might have to relocate the electric panel and/or the electrical meter. This type of service upgrade is often times more expensive (due to labor and material involved), but as the main concern for any electrical system upgrade is to ensure your home and family’s safety, the cost is typically something people will work into their budget.

Not Sure If You Need An Upgrade?

If your home has any of the following issues, call Rick Emery & Sons Electric today:

  • Constantly flickering lights any time a major appliance is turned on
  • Fuses blow frequently and the circuit breakers often trip
  • An overheating electric panel
  • If your home has a Zinsco, Federal Pacific, I-T-E Pushmatic, or GTE/Sylvania brand electrical panel, call us today – your home is in dire need of an electric panel upgrade. The aforementioned panels were recalled years ago for severe safety defects.
  • You don’t have enough outlets for all of your appliances and/or you have to use extension cords frequently
  • There are two-pronged outlets throughout your home – three-pronged GFCI outlets, or “Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter” outlets, are now required in new homes for shock prevention purposes
  • There have been air conditioners, heat pumps or other large appliances installed recently.
  • An addition, finished basement or other areas in your home have been added recently

For fair prices and a level of service that can’t be beat, call Rick Emery & Sons today – we’re happy to help however we can