Hot Tub Wiring
In York & Cumberland Counties

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Safely Wiring Hot Tubs In Buxton & Saco, ME And The Surrounding Areas

There’s nothing better than soaking in a hot tub at the end of a long day. Hot tubs are fairly common and may seem easy to set up and install, however the reality is that you’re dealing with electricity and water, a potentially deadly combination. Trust only a professional with the wiring of a new hot tub – we know what kind of voltage will be required, how to deal with a junction box and access panel instead of a simple plug and we know the safety requirements for installing the service disconnect switch.

Relax Safely And Enjoy Peace Of Mind

Give Rick Emery & Sons a call before installing your new hot tub or spa. There are safety checks that we will perform to make sure that your connections are secure and that your hot tub meets all the safety standards necessary. Keep in mind that we’re talking about water and electricity here – they don’t mix. We want all our customers to take extra safety precautions to prevent electrical shock and keep your family safe. By making the proper electrical connections and observing electrical safety standards, you’ll have a fun-filled soak in the tub!